What makes us unique

Everything that we experience helps us to expand and evolve. The emotions that we feel from these experiences of the past and the present are the expression of our soul.

Sometimes the trauma and the pain of what we have experienced creates an inherent belief that limits our potential and holds us back from what we truly deserve. The pain, trauma and limiting belief is carried on in our consciousness and subconscious creating problems, speed bumps, illnesses and disease in our life. Additional to these beliefs, we hold in our etheric field past and present energies including energies of other people we have connected with along the way. 

Until we clear these spaces and dig deep into these energies, belief systems and experiences to seek to understand - the trauma of the experiences, the toxicity of the limiting beliefs and the connection to these negative energies will continue to haunt us, control us and continue to cause us problems, disease and ill health as well as major blockages in our life - it will cause us disharmony chaos and imbalance and our vibration will be low. It will close our energy centres (chakras) and cause immense personal issues which we can inherently pass on inadvertently to our loved ones. OUR energies can effect every facet of our daily lives including our health, our emotions, our relationships, how we interact with others and perceive situations - including the decisions we make, our living and social environments our moods and sexual energy. Having a low vibration and blocked energy with inhibit our ability to raise our frequency and to connect to our true self and live the life we were born to live.


Instead of effortless living; everything becomes a struggle and an uphill battle. Obstacles present themselves in many ways. 

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Through our different fusion of modalities - Solace of Soul can clear this struggle for you. One of the healing techniques we use is Theta Therapy. Through Theta brainwaves and Theta healing - we are able to dig deep into the core levels of our emotions that are attached potentially attached to past  memories and experiences. Some energies, beliefs and genetic DNA coding will have been created through possibly memories from this life or even a past life, childhood or perhaps those memories have been held in the cells that have been passed down to you through generations of your ancestors. These energies and cellular memories will be held in your DNA and ultimately be the cause of chaos and pain illness and disease in your body - until you are able to clear these, they will be holding you back from being the best version of yourself emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically and even possibly holding you back from the absolute evolution and transcendence of you and your connection to the divine.This is able to be done on  four different levels -

  • Core Belief Level: These are what we are taught and accepted in our childhoods. They are beliefs that have become a part of us. They are held as energy in the frontal lobe of the brain.

  • Genetic Belief Level: These programs are carried over from our ancestors and added to our genes in this life. These energies are stored in the morphogenetic field around the physical DNA.  This “field” of knowledge is what tells the mechanics of the DNA what to do.  This belief level can be accessed through the master cell in the pineal gland of the brain.

  • History Belief Level:  This level concerns memories from past lives, deep genetic memory or collective consciousness experiences that we carry into the present. These memories are held in our auric field.

  • Soul Belief Level: This level is all that we are. The programs here are pulled off of our complete being, beginning at the heart chakra and moving outward.

Through Theta Therapy, Kate is able to clear all trauma from every time, space and reality.


Using Reiki Healing we can send the white light energy, clearing all toxicity from our etheric fields and realign our body's energy centres by removing the negative vibrations from all major organs of our body. When we fuse crystal, flower essence and essential oil modalities to further the healing - the spiritual downloads and DNA activation in our physical being intensifies 1000 x fold. We are able to hold the space of healing for a greater length of time along with the ability to clear toxic energies and entities from our lives protecting us further and farther than only using one single technique.


Because we live in a universe where we are free agents, the healing will only be accomplished when the healing is believed to be received by the client and is chosen to be received.  Through Solace of Soul Intuitive Fusion Healing, it is possible to achieve instant change - it is possible to achieve instant relief and healing along with the instant clearing of negative energies from both the past and the present.


At Solace of Soul - we believe that we are as beings of this universe a product of what we believe and of what we think - for all of such are just vibrations and what you vibrate will ultimately vibrate back to you. We hold onto the energy whether negative or positive until we truly understand what energies to let go of that do not serve our higher purpose. We live day to day wondering why nothing changes and why negative patterns and situations keep repeating themselves in our lives - we wonder why everything always seems so hard and problems continue to present themselves just always struggling to get ahead in life. Perhaps we keep getting sick, we never have enough money or the same life experiences keep showing up and repeating themselves and we wonder WHY. At Solace of Soul Kate knows that this does not have to be our daily truth - that we were destined for an effortless life filled with abundance, purpose, love and happiness. 


You - from the moment of time have always had the choice to live in harmony - the choice to experience the chaos and the choice to live and express through suffering. You are ultimately the master of your own destiny. And your soul is the gateway and the portal to reconnect you to the IAM - to the one thing and one existence that is ultimately YOU.


Solace of Soul is here to open that gateway for you and change your life forever.

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