Aura Cleansing

Auric Field Cleansing

Because we live in a world of polarity filled with extremes, we can experience a roller coaster ride of energy on a daily basis. All people have an energy field around them usually called the etheric body, aura or auric field. The base energy field usually extends 3 feet out in all directions and it is our personal boundary line. We can start out a day full of energy and joy, and by the end of a day, if we have combined and retained energies with others of less integrity, we can have symptoms of fatigue, depression, headaches, disorientation, confusion and fear.


The auric energy field is a scientifically documented aspect of the the human body that needs to be cleansed, balanced and cared for like any other organ or system vital to our health and wellbeing. If you are feeling depleted, it may because you hold energy of others that is not serving your highest good and you will benefit from aura cleansing. It is healthy to have a cleansed auric field regularly and ensure your etheric space is free from lingering toxic energies. Solace of Soul offers a comprehensive 7 layer Aura cleanse. The results will help you to elevate your energy higher, improve your wellbeing and your state of physical and emotional wellbeing and your mood. Solace of Souls unique cleansing method has been designed to strengthen your Auric field and to prevent negative energy from entering your energy and physical bodies. It will leave you feeling light, peaceful and uplifted.