Couples Theta Therapy

Relationships carry their own energy. Just as the personality of an individual requires both earth and universal system energy, so does a relationship. One of the reasons why we have come into the incarnation is to understand all kinds of love - to master the virtues of love. One of these is the complete love of a partner. This is a relationship in which we learn how to love another person intimately, totally and completely. In order to do this, we need the right kind of SOULMATE. And perhaps you have met yours but now life is taking a very different turn between the two of you and you don't know why. Firstly, everyone talks about SOULMATES and twin flames - but did you know that there are 7 different types of SOULMATES! Understanding the vibrational alchemy of your relationship is a good start to understanding why you may be coming up against blockages in your relationship.


If you are in a relationship with someone whom you are searching to evolve & expand with but are experiencing energetic blockages, then couple Theta could be for you and your loved one.


Sometimes relationship problems are overtly present from the beginning of the relationship, sometimes they surface after years of being together, or as a result of unexpected stresses. Whatever trouble your relationship is in - we can find that our deepest DNA programming can affect our relationships.


This can be programming from this lifetime, previous trauma, hurt & abuse or from past lives. Additionally, sexual & energetic chords still attached from previous partners can interfere with current relationships.


In these sessions, Kate will cut these cords & clear old programs via Deep Theta that do not serve your relationship. Additionally, you will learn the deeper SOUL connection that you have with your partner. This will then help you to understand how and why your relationship is the way it is and how to create harmony and peace.


These sessions are conducted using a specific process using Theta, Reiki & Meditation Modalities. Kate can also use PLEIADIAN EARTH ASTROLOGY to ascertain the energy behind your relationship to give you further insight and clarity on how you came to be together.


Within non biased, non judgemental compassion and understanding, along with FULL CONFIDENTIALITY, Kate will help bring your relationship healing, love and light activation and spiritual counsel.