Indulge Your Soul With Crystal Healing and Essential Oil Therapy

Solace of Soul is one of the first intuitive fusion healing clinics in the world. Led by Kate, an accredited Reiki Healing and Advanced Theta Therapist, she endeavors to provide her clients with calm and consistent clarity through varying healing modalities, which includes crystal healing and essential oil therapy.







Crystal Healing

When one talks about alternative healing therapies, crystal healing is one modality that tops the list. The use of crystals for healing has been done for thousands of years. Crystals contain healing properties which can help with a variety of issues, from depression to bringing a person a peace of mind. Crystals heal your body from the inside by channeling positive energy levels to flow through your body and do away with negative energy. This positive energy helps to uplift your mood, mind and health considerably.

Essential Oil Therapy

Much like how crystal healing can help uplift one’s mood and mind, essential oil therapy does the same. Essential oil therapy has been used for centuries. When the scent molecules from essential oils are inhaled, they travel from the olfactory nerves directly to the brain and can have a significant impact on the amygdala, which is the emotional center of the brain.


If you are in Greenbank, QLD and are interested in crystal healing or essential oil therapy, go to Solace of Soul. Solace of Soul makes it easy to find help and support through a variety of healing modalities. For individuals that want to find the applied healing modalities that work best for them, an Initial Theta Healing Session can provide a path toward the future.


During an initial theta healing session, Kate will guide her clients through the history of their souls while diagnosing potential issues and verifying the integrity of these energy centers. From this work with the soul counseling team, Kate will be able to offer the personalized healing that your soul needs to find its way back to balance.

Solace of Soul