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We live in a world that is constantly expanding, changing, and evolving. Like the world around us, we too must come to terms with the emotions, trauma, and experiences that we have been dealt in life. Through the work of intuitive healing, visitors to Solace of Soul can indulge in the natural healing modalities that work best for them.


Let's take some time to explore how Kate and the team at Solace of Soul can nurture health and wellness in your mental, physical, and spiritual life.

Natural and Intuitive Healing Modalities For Restoration

Solace of Soul was founded by Kate, an accredited Reiki Healer, psychic medium and Advanced Theta Therapist. As a natural healing professional, Kate guides her clients through an Initial Theta Healing Session to best learn how to serve their needs. This initial consultation is both the lock and the key to finding what our soul needs.


When undertaking an Initial Theta Healing Session with Kate from Solace of Soul, be prepared to dive deep into your energy centres, the issues within that may be creating blocks, all while finding purpose and a program that will help assist with your needs. As an intuitive healer and psychic medium, Kate believes that we are all pioneers of our own destiny and with the right tools and healing modalities, we can enjoy a process as smooth as it is rewarding.


Individuals looking to take back control of their life, anxiety, and traumatic experiences may find great healing through the intuitive healing sessions currently available through Solace of Soul. Individuals who want to take the deepest dive possible into their energy and soul will find plenty of reason to sign up for the Indulge Your Soul package. Indulge Your Soul with a 3hr 30-minute healing package focused on sacred energy clearing, deep theta counseling, and extended Reiki Healing.

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