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Kate through Solace of Soul has created the first of its kind Intuitive Healing Clinic. Using a variety of ancient healing modalities and natural therapies, Solace of Soul has fused together some of the most impacting, potent and life changing healing techniques in the world.

After spending years as a self empowerment mentor for women after DV and helping thousands of clients from around the globe, Kate was first called to explore spiritual healing in 2017. Listening to the call from the IAM, she became an advanced Reiki practitioner and started to learn the art of using essential oils and crystals.


Drawn to their deep spiritual healing, Kate quickly realised this is where her soul lay. On the back of publishing her book "Destined to be ...ME" in 2016 and completing her Reiki certifications, she realised she had found her true calling and passion. After finishing her studies in Reiki and subsequent attunements; Kate discovered that her psychic abilities had cracked wide open on a galactic scale and her channelling was the most intense it had ever been in her entire life. 


Whilst running her charity Wings of Destiny - empowerment for women after DV, Kate started her Reiki Healing Rooms in 2018 and began to continue to open many spiritual portals finding her mediumship and level of intuition were at peak levels. Kate was healing clients and downloading intense psychic readings for them at every appointment.


Through her life experiences, she has become a dedicated and passionate advocate to empower people to help them recognise the light and authentic strength inside themselves. 


She is a powerhouse of energy and passion for what she does and is in relentless pursuit to help people connect to their purpose, own inner light and the Divine.

"Our life's mission is to create a path of unprecedented expansion and spiritual growth for our truest self. Sometimes life throws us chaos and problems that leave us feeling lost and alone. My absolute soul purpose is to reactivate the light within YOU and bring you back to where you belong - in perfect emotional, mental, physical health with pure love, divine peace, universal harmony and solace of soul."

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