Our Therapies and Modalities

Crushing Stones

Why Use Different Healings

With having so many different healing modalities, it is hard to understand which one is better than the other or even which one is right for you. The short and most important answer to this commonly asked question is that each modality is different for each person; and each persons experience using different healing techniques is never the same. Understanding this and appreciating that every client's life experiences, personal emotional, health and mental concerns are all unique and individual; brings great respect in knowing that only intuitive healings are the most accurate and successful. Using intuition allows the healer to read a clients' energy and download direct information from Source to work out what is personally best for the client. This means that no one healing is ever the same. Although the same process is followed, the healing being led by intuition will without a doubt bring far more clarity, success in healing and be totally personalised to the individual clients needs. At Solace of Soul every client is assessed on arrival to ensure which ever healing they are receiving will be the absolute best choice and for their highest good. Kate's intuition is never been in error and her gifts to ascertain your specific needs are undeniably accurate. At Solace of Soul - you are in the safest and most professional hands.  


All healing is first a healing of the heart.

Carl Townsend