Spring Goddess

Past Life Regression

As we expand through our evolution of the soul and pass through many different lives - sometimes we carry with us the trauma, programming, vows, contracts and conditioning of them into this present reality. Past Life Regression Therapy seeks to assist you to understand and energetically heal the link between emotional or mental patterns and life events that occur in this lifetime, and the past lives they relate to. This involves either going back to earlier times in this current lifetime, or beyond this life to previous lifetimes. It is also possible to visit our other selves in other parallel dimensions to understand our messages of learning and expansion in this time space reality. Past Life Regression can provide much insight and understanding as to why we may be experiencing certain mental or emotional patterns, blockages and repeating challenges throughout this lifetime. Through Past Life Regression, we become aware of energetic residual echoes from experiences we have had in past lives which are re-played in this lifetime and work back to the root cause of these residual echoes. 

Using this healing Kate helps you to unlock the memories of your past life and uncover that which needs to be cleared and released. This regression is achieved through a Theta brainwave state as Kate connects you with Source. Tapping into this quantum metaphysical energy assists to heal and complete any energy bonds. The subconscious mind and spiritual essence of the client will be guided by their SOUL to tap into the past life that is required to be worked upon. Using this Deep Theta Meditative Healing Quantum Frequency, Kate is able to assist in closing & finishing contracts in this lifetime as well as resolving trauma and intense DNA subconscious memories from the life in the past.Kate will ask a series of questions to help you ascertain the finer details of your past life and then move into the guidance of understanding the lessons and transference of information for this lifetime and your present journey of expansion and evolution. This healing can conjure deep and intense emotional memories, stirring real memories of the heart and soul. Through this intense emotional experience - release of mental/emotional blocks are guaranteed to occur. Major breakthroughs are also extremely common, forging positive forward movement in self and spiritual development. A client will leave after having a Past Life Regression with a deeper understanding and an emotional & visual tie to their past. This healing can conjure a deep and intense emotional response, stirring the recollection of profound memories of the heart and soul. Through this powerful emotional experience - massive shifts and releases of mental& emotional blocks are guaranteed to occur. Major breakthroughs are also extremely common, forging positive forward movement in self and spiritual development.


Sometimes we simply need to understand something, in order to let it go. This healing helps you to understand the deepest parts of who you are in this Universe and what your SOUL has come here to experience and learn.