Past Life Reiki Healing with Shayne-Marie

This Transformational Healing experience pours pure white light energy from the 7th Plane of Existence into your etheric and physical body & brings the body and seven main Chakras back into alignment through a fluid combination of incense, specific essential oil blends, ancient energy codes and healing crystals.


During this Healing Shayne will tap into the blueprint of your Soul and connect with the trauma, programming, vows, contracts and conditioning that has been brought into this present reality from your past lives.


Using this healing Shayne helps you to unlock the memories of your past life and uncover that which needs to be cleared and released, and brings forth any lessons that need to be learnt in order for you to fully understand your Soul Path and transform this lifetime and your present journey of expansion and evolution.


Anything is possible in this healing. You may feel intense emotions that need to be released or an immense feeling of calm & relaxation.


Either way this is a potent healing for those of you who would like to lay back and surrender to the universe and embrace your Spiritual Healing Journey.