Dive into your Shadow Self

The greatest healing occurs when we delve into our shadow.

Humanity has many fragmented parts of it's consciousness that are rarely addressed and it is these shadow aspects that create and manifest war and destruction on our planet.

These are parts which are dark (have not been witnessed and integrated by our light yet) and people find it hard to face them as they can be ugly, unpleasant and the like.

However, your greatest liberation and wholeness will come from facing them. Otherwise, if you don't, those energies stay in your psyche and continue to play out within your life causing havoc.

In order to become the light you are, and to bring forth your greatest potential and soul purpose, you must delve into your shadow and learn to love, forgive and heal these aspects.

Yes, it's uncomfortable, and our ego hates to see these parts of us because it shatters the perception of the personality/ego identity that we have built - however it is the only path to true wholeness and self-realisation and it is part of our ultimate expansion.

Through this process, we become humbled and connected to our divinity within.

True love has the power to transform all darkness. Darkness and acts which stem from darkness are simply energies waiting to be touched by the light. The light is a million times more powerful than any part of you which feels dark.

And by dark, I mean any part which stems from fear rather than love .

So dive in, and shine the torch of your consciousness into the dark and illuminate your psyche with love.

If humanity is to survive, it will be through the light emerging from within each heart.

You are the light, the love and the whole entire UNIVERSE.

Kate xxx

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