Soul Alignment Healing

Our SOUL light and essence is infinite and is directly connected to SOURCE. Through each of our past lives and our traumas we can lose SOUL fragments and HEART fragments. These can cause DEEP rooted DNA programming in our BEing preventing us from our BEST and most EFFORTLESS life.

When we struggle to know if we are on the right path, or even if we are following our truest life purpose - our SOUL can feel out of alignment and be calling to find HOME and it's truest light again. 

In a SOUL ALIGNMENT healing; Kate will be guided by SOURCE, Archangels, Spirit Guides and her ascended Masters to discover the best and most needed healing to be performed on you in the time space reality moment that you are there. This could mean ANYTHING.

Be prepared for the unexpected. From Deep Theta to REIKI to Celestial Shamanic Healings, downloading of Past Lives, Sound Bowl Therapy to Intuitive Readings & Spiritual Meditation. Light Language Vibrational Healing to the potential mix of ALL of THEM. Whatever happens in this healing happens for YOUR HIGHEST AND BEST PURPOSE. This is an ANYTHING GOES healing and lots of fun! 

If you are looking for a deeply connected and spiritual experience with a dash of Kate energy - then this healing is perfect for your SOUL.

*Please NOTE - This healing is only to be booked for existing clients ONLY.