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Awaken your Soul's Calling

Understanding where you have been and where you need to go can sometimes be very confusing. Our Spiritual Awakening can happen suddenly or over time. Sometimes we will receive messages from our Angels or start receiving downloads from SOURCE. We can recognise these through signs such as ringing in the ears, pressure on the top of the head, intense dreams, waking up in the middle of the night with visions, hearing messages, seeing double numbers on clocks, phones etc, or even seeing animals, feathers or other strange happenings  and coincidences occurring around us.


Kate helps you to tap into those messages and will teach you how to read them more effectively. She will show you how to open the gateway and portal to your psychic abilities and teach you how to unlock your true power and Divine purpose. Spiritual Guidance sessions with Kate at Solace of Soul are sacred and massively powerful as she takes you on an intense and personal spiritual connection journey. Over time Kate will also show you how to tap into the Akashic Records and read your past lives and karmic contracts you have agreed to on your journey of SOUL expansion.


This is a very INTENSE healing and runs over a 3 week period with each session having a duration of approx. 75mins. At the beginning of each session, the participant will have opportunity to indulge in a Blue Lotus Tea drinking ceremony. Because of the attunements and spiritual portals that are opened during these sessions - this is only for those who are truly ready to surrender to the universe and unlock their true power. It is STRONGLY advised that those who embark on this journey ensure the days they are attending, do not have major life plans for the duration of the rest of the day and do not sign any legal documents or make any major decisions.


Be prepared for anything to happen as Kate connects to the Divine, your Guardian Angels and your Spirit Guides and takes you to a place that will transform your life forever and unleash your infinite spiritual connection with SOURCE.