Theta Healing and You: Connect To Your Unconscious Mind to Clear Negative Energies

Theta healing was first introduced to the world as we know it by Vianna Stibal. In the intervening decades ,since she brought her personal healing journey to public consciousness, countless individuals throughout the world have sought to follow in her footsteps. Pursuing theta healing with an accredited theta therapist can provide doors to opportunities that have not yet been foreseen.


Let's take a closer look at the role of theta healing therapy and how the team at Solace of Soul can properly implement it into your life.






Theta Therapy for Post Traumatic Healing

When scientists look at the human brain, they can see and acknowledge that it is producing waves in varying frequencies. Theta healing targets a deep state within our consciousness. While in this state, we can better renew our link with the Creator to inspire and promote healing in several different avenues, including post traumatic healing. Theta healing therapy taps into the cells of our body to reprogram them, as well as our emotions and innermost beliefs. These theta waves are where our subconscious truly resides, it is the place within which we hold our sensations, attitudes, beliefs, and memory.


When we properly interface in the theta state and truly believe in the power of the work being performed, an accredited theta therapist can guide that energy toward healing in our past, present, and future. 


Aside from post traumatic healing, a few targeted areas of improvement through theta healing include:


  • Chronic and Degenerative or DNA-related Conditions

  • Self-Sabotage and Low Self-esteem

  • Feelings of Intense Emotional Distress

  • Problematic Relationship Patterns

  • Significant Health Issues


Theta therapy is a tool that works when we work with it. To better explore this idea with an accredited advanced theta therapist, please take time to reach out to Kate at Solace of Soul to learn more.

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