Intuitive Reading

Intuitive Readings are intense psychic oracle card readings that have a tendency to go in any direction as Kate channels messages from the higher planes and realms. These readings are unlike any psychic readings you may have had in the past.


Kate has a great understanding of the energy around us and its powerful effect in our lives. She has been a Medium since a very young age being visited by Mother Mary when she was just 8 years old. She is highly empathic and able to understand and share others feelings on a much deeper level than many. Her readings can be emotional as there is processing, releasing and the exchange of powerful energies. It is mental, physical and emotional but extremely powerful as well as metaphysical.

Kate's reading can be cathartic as it helps clarify and focus on your purpose. Intuitive readings with Kate at Solace of Soul are sacred and incredibly spiritual.These readings provide you an in-depth look at your soul’s journey and your life path. At Solace of Soul, Kate will always encourage you to look to your own power and harness it to help you access your divine inner knowing.Kate can also sometimes bring messages from loved ones passed over and also bring information from your past lives and future experiences. Her readings always come from a place of love bringing forth the light from the GREAT IAM. Kate will help you tap into the wisdom that lies within yourself to help you reach your fullest potential.