Theta Healing Therapy

Solace of Soul offers a range of options for Theta Healing including Theta Therapy/Counselling sessions and Theta*Reiki Fusion Healings. Theta healings is when the practitioner is able to access theta brainwave states with the client. Theta state is one of five different brainwaves: Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta and Theta. The brain is consistently producing waves in all of these frequencies and everything you do and say is regulated by these. Theta is the state used in hypnosis and is a very deep state of relaxation; creative, healing, inspirational and spiritual by nature. It is a realm that is beyond time and space constraints and explores how emotional energy is affecting the client’s health. This is where the brainwaves are slowed to a frequency of 4 to 7 cycles per second.


Theta brainwaves are thought of to be where the subconscious resides. They hold memories and sensations which govern our attitudes, beliefs and behaviours. Theta taps into the reprogramming of cells, emotions, and beliefs held in the mind. Theta healing connects to the expansiveness of a clients soul energy and the healing extends into the past, present, and future of a clients lifespan which is also part of the electromagnetic energy that controls a person's DNA.  

Theta healing can be used to help and support the healing of various physical and emotional conditions such as:

  • chronic, degenerative and DNA-related conditions

  • emotional distress

  • relationship patterns that keep on repeating themselves

  • low self-esteem

  • patterns of self-sabotage

  • significant health issues

  • immune deficiency

  • breaking off of generational programming and curses

  • deep emotional and physical trauma (ie. DV, serious illness, major accidents)

In addition, it can be used to change the client’s negative core beliefs. It can be used to remove the negative attached energies and entities from people, houses, the land, and living spaces.