What if you just decided to FIND yourself.....

What if you decided to seek out alignment, purpose and passion instead of everything else that fills your head no sooner your eyes open in the morning. Too often we think that we should do things to keep others happy

What if you decided to let go of everything EVERYONE told you that you needed to be....

What if .... you just decided to listen to the inside of you. To that inside voice, rather than the outside noise.

What if .... you stopped looking at what everyone else was doing and where they are at and stopped comparing where you are right now.

What if .... you just stopped.... and was still... just for 5 minutes.

Its not hard to do.. .but yet the most of us don't do it...

We are so hard wired to process everything around us.. instead of processing what is going on for us inside... instead of taking a moment just to tune in, tap in, turn on to our deeper story. To listen to the song of our soul.

Everyday is another excuse, another reason why.. and we wonder why we are living in a world where people are insanely depressed, lonely, committing suicide every minute, giving up on life, on their dreams and hope, where people are breaking up from their relationships because of unfulfilled expectations, where our children are tuning into YouTube instead of their imagination.... We are living in a world where sending a friend request is considered "connecting" but yet we don't talk to the person we just accepted.

What if .... we got back to basics, and just remembered what it is like to have the simple distractions of life - music, reading, talking instead of texting, having a coffee date without an agenda.

What if we could learn to accept our flaws as lessons, our chaos as portals of change and our past pain as pathways to gifts of awakening.

Each one of us has that ability – you have that deepest part of yourself that knows ultimately who you are, how infinitely stronger you are and how to get home to YOU.

If you are sick and tired of feeling like you are beating your drum to everyone else’s tune – I encourage you to STOP. Break free from the strong holds, opinions, judgements, shackles – and shine your awesome LIGHT! Sing your own song!!! Go HOME to YOURSELF. YOURSELF IS CALLING YOU! ✨✨✨

Are you ready to get back to basics to being in alignment with yourself? YES - It is a commitment and promise to the best version of yourself but I can guarantee it is worth it. It sets your everything and everyday up for universal manifestation and intentional success. It is the algorithm of life.

So go find yourself.... reach for the stars and connect to the true purpose and mission for your soul.

Take your heels off, let your hair down. Listen to the silence of your spirit and the calling of your heart.....

Get grounded....

And find the love for YOU and your life again 💗



#destinedtobeme #solaceofsoul

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