Embrace Your Health and Wellness With Chakra Balancing Through a Reiki Healer.

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Chakra Balancing Through an Accredited Reiki Healer

Reiki healing is an ancient Japanese modality that endeavours to bring healing to the mind, body, and soul. An accredited Reiki healer is someone who has gone through Reiki training and can channel life force through or into another person. This practice focuses on the Qi where blockages live.

When pursuing applied Reiki healing, consider requesting chakra balancing at the same time. Reiki can be used to target the seven key chakras within our bodies. By targeting the seven chakras with a Reiki Healer, we can attempt to solve and provide a remedy for the blockages and corresponding symptoms therein.

Here are a few key examples of potential blockages within your energy centres and how they may be relieved through chakra balancing.

  • The Root Chakra is located near the base of our spine. This energy centre focuses on our survival, identity, and connection with the earth. Physical signs of a blockage in this area may manifest into chronic lower back pain or issues with feet. Unblocking the Root Chakra can provide a sense of healing, grounding, and support.

  • The Sacral Chakra is nestled about an inch below our navel. This energy centre balances our sex, creativity, and gender. Energy blockages here lead to suppressed emotions including anger. The sooner these blocks are cleared, the faster we can heal.

To explore chakra balancing with an accredited Reiki Healer, please reach out at your convenience to Solace of Soul!


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