A New Year with New Hopes

Updated: Dec 30, 2020

As the New Year rolls in this evening and you are hoping and wishing for a wonderful new start - Remember only this ~ Be your own light and warrior and choose which part of your life you want to live. Amidst the darkness and despair rise up from the ashes and shine your light in your own life. Dress yourself with the armour for the battlefield but don’t lose the softness of your feminine soul. It will take courage to start this, tenacious action to do this and a determined wilful heart to achieve it. It doesn't matter if you only start with the smallest part.. The easiest or the simplest...The more practice, the more you give yourself opportunity at being your own saviour - your own Amazonian hero and the bigger impact you will have for each additional time you try.

Don't be stuck in the old part of your life and the sabotaging thoughts that someone else filled your mind with. Don't get stuck reminiscing about days gone by - for that is all they are - days and moments gone. Don’t long for those things of which you have lost and may never have again but only find hope and a sense of contentment for what you have right now, for life can always be worse. Focusing on what is happening in your here and now allows the light of hope and belief to shine through the depths of previous despair and hurt. Don't wish for what you want - go take it and create it.

Only you have the power to do it and there is a vastness inside of you that provides limitless abundance. Even if you haven’t unlocked its secrets yet, it still waits there for you passionately, until you are ready to embrace it. If through reminiscing you think you are solidifying how far you have come from your past, how much you have changed and the person you are today in comparison to all the mistakes and bad judgements you have made along the way - this is not true.

Continually reminding yourself of your past keeps you in that stale energy and in that platitudinous time space reality. It prevents universal doors from opening that are capable of bringing an abundance of absolute and soulfulness. Sometimes the darkest paths are the ones that are setting us up for even bigger greatness, but we have to be willing to quantum leap into the place of manifestation our very core is believing for.

Breakthrough the nonentities of lacking and missing and blind with your magnificent light those around you. Be always determined to keep your eyes on the life you were chosen to deliciously consume, the life your higher self and consciousness has already engendered. This is not the entrée nor the hors d'erves. This is the full menu and complete dining experience of life itself and the irrelevancy of all you have already endorsed and endured will single handedly unravel the misconception and insecurities you are so desperate to rid yourself of.

You have the capability beyond all physical understanding or realms to be your own hero. Only you can flick the switch and turn on your amazing light. You are full of great and wonderful things.

A love and light so intense that it has the power to change the world. You are a warrior! You are the Master of your own Destiny!

Happy New Year! And may this year 2021 be the year you come out from the shadows of brokenness and into the light!

You are not alone!!!



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